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This web page (the SITE) is for retail trade and is administered by SERENA LIMITED (also referred to as “” and “”), whose registered office is in Bulgaria, 2500 Kyustendil, Zapad 62/A/3/6, and whose business premises and address for correspondence are: Industrial Zone, Slokoshtitsa 2533, Province of Kyustendil, Bulgaria; registered in the Companies’ Register at the Registry Agency under registration number and VAT number BG109582606, telephone: 00359 7936 2444

Please, carefully read the general terms and conditions before using the SITE. 
By using this SITE, you unconditionally agree to these terms and conditions.


  1. The site contains information and prices for the products of SERENA Ltd: no medicines are offered, and the products on this site should not be regarded or interpreted as such.
  2. SERENA Ltd as owner of the SHOP gives you the right to load and examine all materials, which are published only for personal use for non-commercial purposes. You must observe and obey all copyrights and corresponding markings.
  3. Users of and are not entitled to distribute or use the texts, pictures, images, names or parts of the site without the express permission of and It is not permitted for materials on the SITE to be altered in anyway, nor to be distributed publicly, copies, or transferred for any public or commercial purpose. Usage of the materials published on the SITE in other sites is forbidden.
  1. HOW TO BUY 

Orders can be made from Serena Limited using the online service, by telephone, or by email.

Online orders – to place an order, first register as a User at A registered user has a personal account which you can use to track your orders, leave comments, create a wish list, etc.

Shopping by phone – if you choose to shop by phone, you can directly call us on 00359 7936 2444, where our operator will be pleased to accept your order.

Shopping by email – if you choose to shop by email, you can contact us directly on, where our operator will be pleased to accept your order and confirm it.

Direct shopping – in this instance, you may make your order directly at our office at the following address: Industrial Zone, Slokoshtitsa 2533, Province of Kyustendil, Bulgaria, where our operator will be pleased to accept your order and confirm it.


The products and services shown on the SITE comprise an offer from

Your ORDER will be accepted by as a contractual proposal.

By making an order on the SITE, you confirm that you consent to the form of communication (telephone or email) to be used by for ensuring completion of orders made on the SITE.

If confirms execution of an order, this means full acceptance of the terms of the order. Acceptance of the order by shall be considered complete when an electronic receipt (email) exists, sent by to the customer, without requiring acknowledgement of receipt by the customer. will not at any time regard an unconfirmed order as having the force of a contract.

The contract comes into force at confirmation of the order by

These terms and conditions of sale are the basis of the contractual agreement.

  1. Subject of the order

The subject of the order is the product/s that the customer has expressed a wish to purchase by creating an order on the site, which has been confirmed by The product/s possess the qualities described by Serena Limited on the SITE.


Claims are accepted up to 14 days following the date of receipt of the goods shown in the courier’s delivery documents, but only if the integrity of the products and packaging is still commercially intact. In this instance, the costs of returning the goods are payable by the customer.

Claims are not accepted for delivery of goods which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or which are perishable, or for which there is a risk of deterioration in their qualities.

According to legal provisions relating to claims, a refund of the value shall be made within 30 (thirty) days of return.

If payment was made with a credit card, the refund of the amount shall be made only to the card used, whereby the length of time may vary according to the terms of different banks.

If payment was made by bank transfer, refund of the amount shall be made only to the account from which the payment was received.


We protect the personal data of our customers and treat the users of this online store in the same way. This policy elucidates in what way we process the information about visitors to the site.
The personal information provided by you will be used for contact purposes, for delivery of goods, completion of various official documents (offers, orders, invoices etc.), and also for official correspondence and other purposes related only to better serving you. 

Important: By using this site, you consent for all the personal information that you provide us to be processed for the aforementioned purposes. 

Regulatory grounds: Our shop strictly obeys the Personal Data Protection Act of 2002.

Your personal information: The site gives you the opportunity to provide us with limited information about how to contact you. This information is stored in our database, in order that we may to any inquiry you make, or to send the goods you purchased to the address indicated by you.

Distribution of your personal data: Your personal data will not be revealed to third parties, except for the delivery of the product purchased by you, or to legally authorized persons.

Access to your personal data: Upon receipt of a written request from you, we reveal your personal data held by us, and furthermore correct or delete this data.

This policy is part of the Terms and conditions for using this site and, as such, should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Via the system at SERENA Limited, you have the opportunity at any time to make changes in the personal information, addresses, subscriptions etc. by entering your account.


SERENA is a protected trade name, logo and trademark.

SERENA LIMITED is registered in the Companies’ Register at the Registry Agency under registration number and VAT number BG109582606, with its registered office is in Bulgaria, 2500 Kyustendil, Zapad 62/A/3/6, and business premises and address for correspondence: Industrial Zone, Slokoshtitsa 2533, Province of Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

All rights are registered and patented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and in compliance with international law. The contents, texts, photos, logo and all other materials are the intellectual property of SERENA LIMITED.
SERENA LIMITED administrates this online store from its office in Slokoshtitsa, Province of Kyustendil, Bulgaria. All goods and materials published on this site may also be used outside the borders of the country. If you are using the online store outside Bulgaria, you bear liability in accordance with local legislation. The terms and conditions for using this Online Store are determined by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    The owner of the SHOP reserves the right to change the prices as he deems fit and at his own determination at any time without obligation advance notice of its users.

The person making an order/Buyer is obligated to pay the price current at the time the choice of good/s and corresponding delivery was made.
We reserve the right to refuse fulfilment of an inquiry and we are not liable to pay any damages or notify the user in any way in the event of technical, spelling, software or other errors on the site, unless we are liable to refund amounts paid by the user.

The SITE may amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time following update of the date of publication. These amendments come into immediate effect and are mandatory for all users/customers.


Users are obliged to periodically visit the General Terms and Conditions page in order to acquaint themselves with any eventual amendments.

On entering the SITE, users agree to observe the general terms and conditions indicated herein, and also applicable laws.





Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, we, Serena Limited, are obligated to freely provided you with the following information:  
Name and address: Serena Limited, Zapad 62/A/3/6, Kyustendil 2500m, Bulgaria, BG109582606
The main characteristics of the goods are described in detail on the page presenting each product. 
The price for the goods shown includes VAT on the page presenting that product. 
The cost of transportation expenses for delivery, which ARE NOT INCLUDED in the price of the goods can be found in the menu/section “Payments and Delivery” or by following through the process for placing an order.

The methods of delivery are described in detail in the menu/section “Payments and Delivery”, or by following through the process for placing an order.

Reduced prices are shown whereby the new price is placed beneath the old one, which is crossed out. If you wish to receive a tax invoice, please fill in the details required for an invoice at registration. The invoice will be prepared for you following the tax point (payment or transfer of ownership over the goods) in accordance with the VAT Act.


 By using this site, it is deemed that you accept and consent to the terms and conditions.



Enjoy your shopping!




  • Dried BIO apples-250g

    Dried BIO apples-250g

    List Price:8.59лв.
    discounts info
    Discounts info
    List Price:8.59лв.
    Discount:0.43лв. (5.00%)
  • 100% NATURAL apricot-1Kg-Dried

    100% NATURAL apricot-1Kg-Dried

    List Price:19.44лв.
    discounts info
    Discounts info
    List Price:19.44лв.
    Discount:0.97лв. (5.00%)
  • 100% NATURAL apricot-500g-Dried

    100% NATURAL apricot-500g-Dried

    List Price:11.19лв.
    discounts info
    Discounts info
    List Price:11.19лв.
    Discount:0.56лв. (5.00%)